Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, Florida

While the Federal Clean Air Act controls vehicle emissions and other pollutants in the outdoor air, studies show that people today spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. Increasingly, research is demonstrating that indoor air quality is often poorer than outdoor air quality, even in heavily industrialized cities.

Poor air quality is a growing health concern, making it crucial to have your home’s air quality checked. The only way to know for sure about the quality is of your indoor air, and what contaminants might be present, is to have professional testing performed.

At Same Day Inspection, we use the latest tools and equipment to monitor and test the air quality inside your home or office. We will perform a thorough evaluation and provide you with a detailed report of our findings, along with our suggestions for mitigating any issues we find. We serve customers throughout South Florida. We also provide commercial inspectionshome inspectionsmold inspectionsroof inspectionstermite inspectionsformaldehyde testing and much more! 

When you are facing a tight deadline, same-day testing to expedite the process.

Common Indoor Air Contaminants in South Florida by Same Day Inspection

Poor indoor air quality can come from a wide variety of common household contaminants. These include:

  • VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) from cleansers, paints, solvents, and aerosol products
  • Breathable particles from cigarette smoke, fireplaces,
    and wood stoves
  • Biological contaminants such as mold, pet dander, and mildew
  • Byproducts from combustion
  • Building materials such as lead and asbestos
  • Chemical off-gassing

In addition, the air temperature, humidity, and airtightness of your home or office building can have a dramatic impact on the effects that you feel from contaminants. The more airtight the building, the more energy savings you will realize but the fewer opportunities that these airborne irritants have to escape. Poor ventilation can cause carbon dioxide levels to rise, making occupants feel sluggish and sleepy. High humidity levels make it easier for biological pollutants such as mold to reproduce.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality with Same Day Inspection

Living or working in a building with poor air quality can have a huge negative impact on your health. That is why you want to improve the indoor air quality of your home or office ASAP if it tests poorly. Depending on specific issues that are found, remedial steps offered by Same Day Inspection include:

  • Dehumidifying
  • Improving ventilation, especially when working with open fires or household chemicals
  • Running exhaust fans when cooking or showering
  • Choosing eco-friendly building materials, cleaners, and fuel sources

Let Same Day Inspection Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL

The cleaning experts from Same Day Inspection provide comprehensive testing and inspection services for our customers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida. Those services include indoor air quality testing, mold inspections, home inspectionswind mitigation inspectionsformaldehyde testingcommercial inspections, and much more. Upon request, same-day testing is available to expedite the process. To learn more about our services or to upgrade the quality of your indoor air, Contact Us online or give us a call at 954-908-6862.


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