InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspectors

Upon successful completion of this course, the inspectors will be able to:
inspect all different types of residential roofs;
identify the systems and components of roof systems;
understand how the components of a roof system function and perform;
describe to clients defects observed at the roof system.

Inspectors who have completed this certification, undertand the following terms and are capable of inspecting these items:

Common Roof Terms
General Roof Terms
Roof Styles and Details
Common Roof Issues
Gutters and Drainage
Roof Drainage and Gutters
Downspout Terminations
Framing and Trim
Roof Framing From Outside
Roofing Trim
Roof Coverings
Asphalt Shingles I
Asphalt Shingles II
Slate Tile Roofing
Clay and Concrete Tile
Asbestos Cement Tiles
Wood Shingle and Shake I
Wood Shingle and Shake II
Flat Roofs: Roll Roofing
Flat Roofs: Built-up
Flat Roofs: Membranes
Metal Roofing
Roofing Oddities
Roof Flashings
Edge and Ridge Flashings
Valley Flashings
Roof-to-Roof Flashings
Roof-to-Wall Flashings
Chimney Flashings
Vents and Other Penetrations
Roof Ventilation
Basic Ventilation
Inspecting Chimneys
Masonry Chimneys
Manufactured Chimneys

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Roof Inspector InterNACHI Certified
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Roof Inspector InterNACHI Certified

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