Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Termites are wood-eating insects that can live anywhere in the United States but are especially prevalent in areas with warmer climates because they go into a hibernation state in cold weather. That means they are particularly prevalent in South Florida, where there are plenty of trees & houses and the temperatures are never cold enough to slow down their voracious eating habits.

Having a termite infestation in your home or office can cause major structural damages, so it is wise to check regularly for their presence. The is done with a termite inspection, which is a visual examination of the readily accessible areas of a home for evidence of wood-destroying insects. The inspector will scour the entire interior of a home, including attics, basements, and crawlspaces, as well as the exterior of the property in search of termites or evidence that they have been there.

After the inspection has been performed, the findings are reported. For years, the home inspection experts from Same Day Inspection have provided top-quality termite inspections for customers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida. When you need a same-day termite inspection, we can provide that, too.

Essential Parts of a Termite Inspection by Same Day Inspection

A professional termite inspector is trained to identify the potential sites of termite activity in your home or office and assess any structural damages. Inspection time may vary according to the size of your home but generally takes about two hours. When someone from Same Day Inspection arrives to check out your property in South Florida, you can expect the following:

  • The inspector will check the exterior of your home, garden, fence line, garages and sheds to determine whether any external risk factors are putting pressure on your home. The inspector also looks for termite activity & termite nests in your timbers, tree stumps & fencing materials. He or she will peek over your fence to determine if termite activity is originating from beyond your fence.
  • After inspecting your garden, the termite inspector will check the perimeter of your home, focusing particularly on the footings, slab, and sub-floor for moisture or leaks that attract termites.
  • The inspector will enter your home with a dongle to tap the walls & listen for a rustling sound consistent with past termite activity. The tap also creates a panic response by termites still in the walls.
  • The inspector will use a gauge to check moisture levels of walls and wooden brackets around windows & doors. An elevated moisture level is a sign of termites. Inspectors also check for tunnels that have been bored into the grain of house timber.
  • When necessary, the inspector will use a thermal-imaging camera to accurately identify the species of termites and determine the extent of the infestation. The inspector may use a moisture meter as well.
  • The inspector creates a comprehensive written report breaking down the termite-related findings & suggesting resolutions, if necessary, in a proposed treatment plan.

When you need a same-day termite inspection to meet a tight deadline, we can provide that.

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