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Roof Inspections in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A roof inspection is absolutely essential when you are buying or selling a home. It is also strongly recommended for South Florida homeowners at least once per year. Untreated roof problems can lead to water damage, mold infestations, and structural issues. It only makes sense to protect your home with regular roof inspections by the proven professionals from Same Day Inspection.

We also offer home inspectionscommercial inspectionsspecialized inspectionssame-day inspections and more!

Upon request, we can do same-day inspections to help you meet a deadline or close a real-estate deal.

Issues Covered in a Roof Inspection by Same Day Inspection 

During your roof inspection, a certified roofing specialist will physically walk onto your roof to check its condition. He or she will also check the underside of the roof from inside your home. Of particular concern are chimneys, dormers, gutters, flashing points, and other areas involving connections or roof penetrations. Eaves, fasteners, braces, and roof supports are also inspected.

The goal of a roof inspection is to identify any areas of the roof, its support structure, or attachments that have already begun to fail or are at risk for failure soon. Some of the things your roof inspector will look for include:

If the roof shows any signs of existing or imminent damage, your roof inspector will make recommendations for repairs. He or she can refer you to a roofing repair company, but it would be a breach of ethics for your inspector to perform the actual repair work.

Wind Mitigation Inspections in South Flordia by Same Day Inspection

Homeowners in Florida whose homes are built to withstand major windstorms are entitled to insurance discounts, but only if the home passes a Certified Wind Mitigation inspection. This inspection combines a general roof inspection with a detailed assessment of the type of roof, reinforcement techniques, and other specifics. Your inspector will also consider other wind mitigation features of your home such as impact-resistant window glazing, shutters, and hurricane straps or clips.

The type of roof inspection you choose depends on your goals for the inspection. A general roof inspection will identify any issues with your roof that need to be addressed, but will not assess your home’s ability to withstand a hurricane. More complete options, such as a 4 Point Inspection or a Full Home Inspection, also include a roof inspection along with a detailed assessment of the entire home.

If you are unsure about which inspection to choose, we will be happy to provide advice. We can even do a same-day inspection when you are racing to meet a tight deadline.

Count on Same Day Inspection to Inspect Your Roof in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

At Same Day Inspection, we are proud of our A rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are an established Florida company with a singular mission: to be the industry leader in property inspection while maintaining our top-quality customer service and on-time reputation. We offer a comprehensive suite of inspection services throughout South Florida, including termite inspections, home inspectionsmold inspections, and commercial inspections. When you are ready to have your home inspected by a local company that you can trust, give us a call at 954-908-6862 or Contact Same Day Inspection online today.

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“Excellent service and professionalism! Juan Carlos and his team have inspected our New-Built Properties for ourselves and clients. Very knowledgeable in all fields of construction and existing homes; including regulation codes and permits. Highly recommended!!!”
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