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Commercial Real Estate Inspections in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL

Commercial real estate inspections have a lot in common with residential home inspections, but there are some significant differences. Residential home inspections tend to focus on individual performance issues, such as how long it takes for water to heat up and whether there are sufficient electrical plugs. Commercial real estate inspections focus more on the expected life spans of the major systems within the building: plumbing, electrical, climate control, roofing, and structure.

At Same Day Inspection, we understand the clear difference between the two and will provide thorough & accurate commercial inspections for business owners in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida. We also provide home inspections, roof inspections, mold inspectionstermite inspectionsformaldehyde testing, and more. When you need our services, Contact Us online or give us a call at 954-908-6862.

When needed, we can do same-day inspections to help you meet a deadline or close a real-estate deal.

The Five-Year Rule for Commercial Inspections by Same Day Inspection

As a general rule of thumb, commercial purchasers are interested in how much money they will need to spend over the next five years. Therefore, the focus is on topics that involve whether the roof will last at least five years with basic maintenance or whether the AC needs to be upgraded to attract tenants.

In addition, any change of use considerations must be addressed. For example, someone who buys an older retail store and plans to convert it to a bakery may not have sufficient electrical wiring to support the new, heavier load. These capital expenses should be taken into account before the purchase is made.

Calculating Real Estate Life Spans in South Florida by Same Day Inspection

Every building is different, and there is no possible way for any inspector to make an ironclad guarantee as to how long a particular system will last. However, a highly experienced inspector with a strong background can use industry standards and the current condition of the existing systems to make a reasonably accurate guess.

Cosmetic & Other Issues in Commercial Real Estate Inspections

Your commercial real estate inspector will note the condition of the carpeting, as well as the performance of the water heater and other cosmetic issues on the inspection form. However, the primary focus is not generally on these areas in commercial inspections. It will focus on the overall performance of the building & its systems.

Nonetheless, your inspector is a highly knowledgeable professional. Feel free to ask for a detailed assessment of any cosmetic or performance issues about which you have concerns. Your inspector will gladly customize your inspection to meet your needs. That includes performing a same-day inspection to help you meet a tight deadline.

Choose Same Day Inspection for Your Commercial Real Estate Inspections in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

As an established Florida company with a singular mission, Same Day Inspection is proud to be the industry leader in property inspection while maintaining our top-quality customer service and on-time reputation. We are also proud of our A rating with the Better Business Bureau. We offer a comprehensive array of inspection services that include same-day inspections and specialized inspections. When you are ready to have your home or office inspected by a local company that you can trust, we invite you to call Same Day Inspection at 954-908-6862 or use our online Contact Us form to schedule your inspection today.

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