We recommend that both homebuyers and sellers get their homes inspected. Buyers need to know what they are getting into and sellers should know the condition of their home and eliminate any surprises that may compromise their closing. Upon request, Same Day Inspection will provide their customers a maintenance checklist for their home.

Your home inspector is to inspect readily accessible, visually observable, installed system and components. The inspection shall include the structural system, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, interiors, insulation and fire places. The report is to include items that are not functioning properly, significantly deficient, unsafe, or are near the end of their service lives.

We recommend our customers to be present at the time of inspection in order for us to educate them during this important process.

The home inspector is not to operate any system that is shut down, does not operate normally and shut off valves.

It’s prohibited for the home inspector to perform engineering services or perform any duties of another trade or professional service.

Home inspectors are not required to provide estimate for repairs. Same Day Inspection may provide estimates upon request.

No, the home inspector is not allowed by law to make any repairs or provide any proposal for services. This would be a conflict of interest. However, the home inspector may offer and provide additional inspection services that are not included in a home inspection if they are qualified to those particular services.

Yes, the State of Florida passed a law in 2011 that requires all home inspectors to have a home inspector license. There are different types of inspections and not all inspections have the same law requirements.

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