Cloth Wiring

What is Cloth Wiring?

Cloth Wiring

Cloth Wiring is one of the types of electrical wiring systems usually used in homes that were built before 1960, and it was very common because it was inexpensive. Many homes in Florida have this kind of wiring even today.Unfortunately, cloth Wiring is considered a fire hazard for most insurance companies due to the wiring overheating the cloth and starting a fire.

Will Cloth Wiring Cause Me to Fail a 4 Point Inspection?

Citizens the largest insurer in Florida, and most other companies follow their lead. According to Citizens Insurance, the presence of active cloth-covered wiring in an older home does not automatically mean it will fail a four-point inspection - but if the cloth is frayed and deteriorated, then the wiring will definitely be a problem.

The insurance company will require replacement before completing an insurance policy on the home. After the job is completed, you'll probably need a re-inspection and show evidence of replacement (photos and invoices) to the insurance company to get a policy.

We always recommend our clients, whenever cloth wiring is found, to ask their insurance agents about rates with an insurance company that will accept it. In rare cases, you may find an insurance company willing to accept a policy with cloth wiring. However, expect much higher insurance premiums.

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